BerryWorld Varieties

BerryWorld supply better berry varieties through a wide range of products via our expert breeding programme and exceptional plant management.

Our BerryWorld breeding programme was established to breed the best tasting 'flavour picked' berry varieties whilst increasing yields for growers.

We have dedicated teams responsible for 'growing goodness' through exceptional plant management, propagation and delivery of quality plants. Ensuring every plant has the capacity to deliver to its full potential in regard to yield and fruit quality.

Exclusivities & Varieties

BerryWorld have exclusive rights to an extensive selection of berry varieties, a non-exhaustive list can be found below:


EV Strawberry breeding programme
Eves Delight
Eves Delight 2
Sweet Eve
Sweet Eve 2

Strawberry Cutout Shadow


BerryWorld Plus breeding programme
BerryWorld Gem®
BerryWorld® Red
BerryWorld Jewel®
BerryWorld Pearl™
BerryWorld® Iris™
Diamond Jubilee®

Raspberry Cutout Shadow


Beekers Berries breeding programme
BerryWorld® Midnight™

Blackberry Cutout Shadow


MBO breeding programme
BerryWorld Eureka®
BerryWorld First Blush®
BerryWorld Meridian®
BerryWorld Opi®
BerryWorld Sundown®
BerryWorld Twilight®
BerryWorld® Dazzle™
BerryWorld® Echo™
BerryWorld® Eureka Sunrise™
BerryWorld® Eureka Sunset™
BerryWorld® Inicio™
BerryWorld® Masena™
BerryWorld® Splash™

Moondarra breeding programme

Blueberry Cutout Shadow


BerryWorld exclusive berry varieties have achieved international recognition through a host of awards:

  • International Taste Institute ‘Superior Taste Award’ 2022
    BerryWorld® Jewel™ raspberries ⭐⭐
    BerryWorld® Midnight™ blackberries ⭐⭐⭐
    Eves Delight strawberries ⭐⭐
    BerryWorld Eureka® blueberries ⭐⭐⭐
  • International Taste Institute ‘Superior Taste Award’ 2021
    Diamond Jubilee® / BerryWorld Gem® ⭐
  • International Taste Institute ‘Superior Taste Award’ 2019
    Sweet Eve 2 strawberries ⭐⭐
    Eves Delight 2 strawberries ⭐⭐
    BerryWorld® Jewel™ raspberries ⭐⭐
    BerryWorld® Midnight™ blackberries ⭐⭐
    BerryWorld® Sundown™ blueberries ⭐⭐
  • International Taste Institute ‘Superior Taste Award’ 2018
    BerryWorld® Twilight™ blueberries ⭐⭐
    Eves Blush strawberries ⭐⭐
Award Winning Berries ITI

Meet the team behind our brilliant berries


Sam joined BerryWorld in 2009 as a management trainee, working in various roles from customer to supplier development. Since 2012, Sam has been involved in berry varietal development, including BerryWorld Plus, BerryWorld’s own breeding programme.

Today, Sam is BerryWorld Varieties Divisional CEO. This includes, looking after breeding and varietal development activities, including leveraging BerryWorld’s propriety genetics around the world. It also includes working closely with propagators and growers alike to ensure the supply of high quality plants, which are high yielding for our growers and sweet tasting for our consumers.