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How we pack our berries in a sustainalicious way

In collaboration with packaging partners, Sharpak and Bantam Materials, we’re moving our juicy BerryWorld branded British berries into Prevented Ocean Plastic™ packs.

What is PreventED Ocean Plastic?

Prevented Ocean Plastic, certified by OceanCycle, refers to plastic waste, collected from the shoreline, which is then responsibly converted into high quality raw material. Found within a 50km (30mi) distance of an ocean coastline or major waterway, this plastic waste left uncollected would have been ocean bound. As much as 80-90% of plastic that ends up in our oceans originates from developing countries, primarily due to insufficient waste management infrastructure and a lack of collection incentives. Diverting this plastic from the ocean not only helps protect ocean wildlife, it also helps local communities as they are paid to collect the bottles.

We’re proud our branded punnets are now popping with Prevented Ocean Plastic.

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If your sink is blocked and overflowing, you first turn off the tap and then clean up the floor. Since a bottle found in the sea has been degraded by the salt water and sun, it is largely unusable for recycling. As such, when a bottle hits the water, it’s really too late. Prevented Ocean Plastic therefore ensures that the plastic never reaches the water in the first place.

Prevented Ocean Plastic is made from recycled plastic PET bottles (rPET) and produced according to European and North American quality standards.

How can you help?

When it comes to ocean plastic, it’s understandable that you might feel powerless and ineffective. But we believe that everyone can help in a meaningful way right now.

Here are 3 ways that you can help to prevent ocean plastic:

01. Write to your local council

We must stop waste being exported to developing countries. Thousands of tonnes of plastic collected for recycling from households are transported and dumped around the world instead of being recycled.

02. support pop brands

Our oceans continue to be endangered through our constant use of new plastics instead of collecting and recycling the plastic we have already. Support brands that use recycled plastic over new plastic.

03. Message your local supermarket

Every year, the UK’s biggest supermarkets use 810,000 tonnes of single-use plastic. Let them know that you prefer #PreventedOceanPlastic instead of using new plastic made from oil and petrochemicals.

Stay Inside How tos 1

We love a recycling hack, if you've got any top tips on what to do with your plastic punnets then we'd love to see them - just tag @helloberryworld in your creations.


Prevented Ocean Plastic is A better choice

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