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"When ever I'm looking to buy soft fruit I always look for the Berry world brand as the fruit is always first class quality and flavour"

Grown with goodness

We have an appetite to bring food lovers worldwide the very best berries; ones that not only taste great but are sustainable for our growers too. Great berries, for future generations; truly sustainalicious.​

Since 1994 we’ve worked with experts to breed and grow great strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Collectively, they have developed, tried and tested over 2 million varieties to make sure our berries are always delicious. ​

And we don’t stop there. We want every BerryWorld berry to be bursting with goodness. That means bred, grown, picked with care, packed with flavour, for an experience that satisfies taste buds and consciences across the world.​

"Amazing! Ordered these feeling sceptical about the reviews. When they arrived they were enormous. I thought they will be tasteless. These were some of the best raspberries I've eaten for a long time! Will buy again."
"We love these!!"
"Absolutely delicious! Keep up the great work :)"

How to recycle

100% recycled & recyclable
✔️ Place your empty & clean pack in your blue recycling bin or recycling bag.
♻️ We create new packs with 70% post consumer recycled material


100% recycled & recyclable
✔️ Remove from pack & either recycle from home or at an out of home recycling points (find one here).
♻️ We create new film with 30% post consumer recycled material


In some packs
✔️ Remove from pack & place in your blue recycling bin or recycling bag
♻️ We use 100% fibre pads


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