To celebrate Queen Elizabeth's birthday, we have put together a menu fit for Royals!


To kick off it's BerryWorld's strawberry & British asparagus mini quiches, mini enough to tickle your tastebuds and get you ready for mains!

Berry World Straweberry and British Asparagus Mini Quiches 75iubtpko


Did you know that the Queen generally prefers a simple meal of meat with vegetables or salad? Our griddled harissa marinated lamb with blueberry, spring onion & toasted almond couscous sounds like something that would be perfect for her.

Griddled Harissa Marinated Lamb with Berry World Blueberry Spring Onion and Toasted Almond Couscous 75iubtpxq


After much research into the Queen's favourite dessert, the chocolate biscuit cake comes out on top.

We've also added in our classic strawberry trifle, because why not?

Berry World Strawberry Trifle 75iubtsk3


It's world gin day on the same day as the Queen's birthday, so it only seems fitting that we add the BerryWorld gin and blueberry buzz drink to the list!

Berry World Gin and Blueberry Cocktail 75iubtrpd

For those of you who would prefer an alternative choice here is our virgin Pimm's recipe

Berry World Non Alcoholic Pimms 75iw166tc
Posted: 8 Jun 2018