We've had a record year of sun this year - whilst the sun is still shining it's a great opportunity to have a day out with a picnic! Here's our berry-filled suggestions that will satisfy every taste bud.

Smoky strawberry skewers, by Tesco

Tesco recently released this twist on strawberry skewers, your favourite fruit in all its goodness!

Strawberry kebabs with strawberry milk, by BerryWorld

Family friendly and enjoyable for all. These are quick to make and so satisfying whilst sitting in the sun.

Berry World Strawberry Home Time Snack Fruit Kebabs with Berry World Strawberry Milk 75isq2ohq

Strawberry British asparagus mini quiches, by BerryWorld

These mini quiches are a perfect add on to any picnic hamper, they're small enough to fit in and a delicious filling option.

Berry World Straweberry and British Asparagus Mini Quiches 75iubtpko

Mixed berry salad, BerryWorld

Good for you and a favourite for everyone.

Berry World Fruit Salad LS 2 75isq2iur

Strawberry kilner jar salad, by BerryWorld

These kilner jars help to keep your salad fresh, can be customised according to your tastes and also a lovely way to reduce any waste!

Berry World Strawberry Kilner Jar Salad open 75isq2po1

Pistachio and raspberry brownies, by SBS

What would a picnic be without a mouth-watering dessert? Check out these brownies by SBS.

Berry spritzer, by Deliciously Sprinkled

This berry spritzer by Deliciously Sprinkled will quench everyone's thirst on a sunny day.

Virgin Pimms, by BerryWorld

You can never go wrong with a classic Pimm's, our virgin Pimm's is perfect for everyone to share.

Berry World Non Alcoholic Pimms 75iw166tc
Posted: 20 Jul 2018