Britain's Got Talent Simon Cowell selects Sapphire Raspberries as #MyMarksFave

Marks & Spencer has selected BerryWorld Sapphire raspberries to showcase as the winner in the fruit category as part of their Britain's Got Talent TV campaign.

Marks & Spencer are sponsoring this years Britain’s Got Talent which means each week during the Britain’s Got Talent ad breaks, the all-star judges and Ant and Dec will be tasting the M&S summer range and working towards crowning one food this year’s #MyMarksFave.

In the first of the M&S Food & Britain's Got Talent #MyMarksFave series BerryWorld Sapphire raspberries were selected from the fruit category and were hailed as "future superstars" according to superstar judge, Simon Cowell.

BerryWorld Sapphire raspberries are our game-changing British bred raspberries, with a velvet like smoothness and wonderful sweetness.

The show was pre-recorded back in January but viewers will have to stay tuned to find out what Simon will choose as his golden buzzer dish.

Stay tuned to find out whether our BerryWorld Sapphire raspberries make it through to the final and what Simon Cowell will crown his ultimate golden buzzer dish.

Posted: 14 Apr 2020