No matter the season, our blueberries are widely considered a staple and for good reason!

Blueberries are a healthy eater's best friend and with our beautiful berries available all year round, you can now enjoy a burst of BerryWorld flavour and goodness whatever the weather.

BerryWorld exclusive blueberries taste out of this world

At this time of year our exclusive blueberry varieties taste out of this world when they’re grown in the warm climes of Morocco, under nature's best ingredient - sunny skies.

Our blueberries are currently grown by Qauliprim in the Agadir region of Morocco, a grower that we have long-standing relationship with after investing in growing a sustainable supply over the years.

Making our blueberries taste sustainalicious

Here are five things our grower in Morocco are doing to make our blueberries taste out of this world and even more sustainable:

🔎 Focus on exclusive quality, our grower has honed 30 years of experience in growing quality fresh produce to now grow our best tasting exclusive varieties of blueberries.

💧 Water recycling, because water is a limited and valuable resource, a project is being funded by our grower to desalinate seawater for use on the farms and to provide local homes with precious drinking water.

♻️ Ecological regeneration, improvement of the whole farm ecological impact through encouraging biodiversity, by planting of trees and green spaces on farms and packing sites.

🌱 Reducing fertiliser by monitoring and analysing the plants needs during growth, to increase the nutrient efficiency of the plants.

☀️ Open air growing using this geographical location means plants can grow open air and our beautiful berries can be harvested under the sunny skies.

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Posted: 1 Feb 2022