We know that it's vital to get our 5 a day in, here are 5 full of goodness salads that will you get you well on your way!

1. Berry feta spinach salad with creamy strawberry poppy seed dressing, by Carlas Bad Cravings.

What we love: This salad caught our eye as soon as we laid our eyes on it, not only is it full of healthy goods, it's got variety in the ingredients, colours and the use of berries is always a plus!

Number of 5 a day: 5

2. Berry salad with raspberry vinaigrette, by Chelsea's Messy Apron,

What we love: Now this is a berry-licious salad! We love the simplicity of how the salad comes together. The mix of soft tasting experience with the berries and greens but with the crunch of the candied pecans.

Number of 5 a day: 5

3. BerryWorld blueberry quinoa salad,

What we love: Now this nutritious salad can be ready in 10 minutes, time-saver and full of all the goods you need!

Number of 5 a day: 4

Berry World Blueberry and Quinoa Salad 75e5vdgn0

4. BerryWorld fresh strawberry, crab & avocado salad,

What we love: This salad is perfect for the summer days, where you want to feel light and healthy. The strawberries perfectly combine with the avocado, cucumber and crab to keep you going all afternoon.

Number of 5 a day: 5

Berry World Strawberry Crab and Avocado Salad 75isq2927

5. Kale Quinoa Salad, by Chelsea's Messy Apron.

What we love: A second recipe from Chelsea on the blog, the recipes are just too good! Here's her super-food salad, the combination of kale with berries sounds like a perfect match that will please our taste buds and only 203 calories per serving. What's not to like.

Number of 5 a day: 5

Posted: 2 Apr 2020