In 2018, Fruit Attraction celebrated its 10th anniversary and had an extra hall compared to the year before, where two additional halls were added.

This year, the exhibition took place from Tuesday to Thursday after a survey conducted last year showed that Friday wasn’t a very productive day for business. This has been a success as there was a 69% increase in visitors on the last day of the exhibition.

Fruit Attraction keeps growing year on year, this year gathered 1,621 exhibitors from 40 countries, registering a 20% increase year on year. In terms of visitors, the number increased by 10% reaching a record 81,235 visitors coming from 122 countries.

The BerryWorld stand also had some additions compared to the year before, including a colourful new lamp, wobblers by the product fridge and updated videos for the video-wall. PrepWorld Spain exhibited separately, with Surexport, to get broader exposure to Spanish retailers. They incorporated a prep product fridge with the stand where product samples were presented as well as different brands.

We don't know if Fruit Attraction will end up taking the European leadership away from Fruit Logistica, but what we can be certain about is that it is now an exhibition of reference within the global fresh produce panorama.

We'll see you next year at Fruit Attraction.

Posted: 29 Oct 2018