Everything under one roof, sustainably built & designed specifically to serve customer needs

BerryWorld, The Netherlands, have unveiled a flagship 16,000m2 distribution centre that contains space for a fully conditioned packaging hall, 19 loading docks, ample storage capacity and a beautiful new office space.

Having reached full capacity in the business’ previous site, the newly built distribution centre not only contains everything under one roof, but is sustainably built and enables the business to serve customer needs better now and in the future.

Packing for a sustainable future

Our Dutch operation is strategically placed in the growing region of Breda and offers year round supply of soft fruit to European customers through world-wide sourcing. This new distribution centre brings growers and customers closer together within a highly efficient supply chain.

With sustainability at the forefront of BerryWorld's focus, the new building was constructed to meet the world’s leading sustainability assessment method, BREEAM, achieving an outstanding BREEAM rating which puts this construction in the top 1% "innovator" category.

The electricity needed to run the operations of the distribution centre is entirely produced by solar panels, such that the building is completely emission free.

Turning on the heat for a cool solution

The construction approach was to generate a good product flow and thanks to smart routing, all products are processed under ideal conditions. The entire building is air-conditioned, meaning the fruit arrives and leaves at the perfect temperature.

Using the summer sun to generate electricity directly onsite means we can optimally meet the cooling demand and also benefit from using the cooling system's residual heat to heat office areas.

Office space for today & tomorrow

With the building's office space is situated above the loading docks, the BerryWorld team will be able to closely manage long-term production planning and deliver forecasting marketing plans for our customers.

A healthy boost

With a broad client base, comprising of wholesale, food service and retail, soft fruit demands fluctuate based on season and economic health but this facility will prove key in successfully managing future changes and maintaining a healthy business from under one roof.

Posted: 1 Sep 2020