Our varietal portfolio has been recognised with a total of nine awards by this institution since 2018, with two raspberry varieties receiving a Superior Taste Award in the latest edition of the global awards

BerryWorld® is proud to announce that two varieties from the BerryWorld Plus breeding programme have been granted with a Superior Taste Award, with 2 stars, in the 2021 International Taste Institute Awards. Diamond Jubilee® / BerryWorld Gem® as well as another new commercial variety, soon to be launched to market by BerryWorld, received outstanding scores by the independent jury of international chefs.

Our varietal portfolio has always been market leading, furthermore, in recent years, it has been recognised with a significant number of global awards. Since 2018, nine of our exclusive varieties have been awarded by the International Taste Institute for their superior flavour, appearance, and texture. The award-winning varietal offer boasts Sapphire® / BerryWorld Jewel® as a superior quality raspberry with high demand; with BerryWorld Midnight® from the Beekers Berries Breeding programme, enhancing the premium blackberry offer. A selection of strawberry varieties from the Edward Vinson programme were also awarded in the past, including Sweet Eve®; whilst in the blueberry category, securing access to the MBO programme, has yielded strong results with well-established demand and awards for varieties such as BerryWorld Twilight® and BerryWorld Eureka®.

“This double award recognises our efforts to continuously bring superior quality berries to market all year round” – says Adrian Olins, Divisional CEO at BerryWorld Group.

Varietal development proving fruitful

R&D is at the core of our varietal strategy and we have been investing in varietal development for decades to improve the breadth of our exclusive varietal portfolio. Globally, we run trials in Spain, UK, The Netherlands, Australia and South Africa, studying the progress of their latest releases whilst mastering production curves for its more established proprietary and exclusive varieties.

“Whilst our current varieties are being well appreciated by the market, we are particularly optimistic about a number of recent releases across the berry patch which are showing game-changing characteristics. Among these varieties, it is worth mentioning BerryWorld® Eureka Sunrise ™ which is a significant step change and will revolutionise the blueberry market in the seasons to come” - says Olins.

With our genetics being commercialised across four continents and a rapidly expanding global consumer brand, we continue to drive demand for superior tasting, sustainable berries all year round.

Posted: 16 Mar 2021