Kiwi berries are more than a tasty treat, they are full of goodness too!

The kiwi berry season is truly in full swing and initial feedback on these zingy little treats has been overwhelmingly positive with UK consumers embracing their arrival. Now, nutritional testing from Campden BRI confirms that they are not only a tasty treat, but also high in vitamin C and a source of fibre1. Just 80g of kiwi berries counts as one of your 5-a-day and provides you with nearly 70% of your RDA of vitamin C - that is almost 50% more vitamin C per 80g; compared to a regular kiwi fruit2!

These zingy berries are not only fresh and tasty but also help you look fresh too! Berries are a great skin food. This is due to their high vitamin C content, a vital nutrient in the formation of collagen, the protein that gives the skin its structural integrity3.

Perfect for snacking, kiwi berries are easy to eat on the go and perfect to graze on during the working day. Enjoy them whilst they are still in season and keep that summer glow!

Kiwi berries are now available in selected M&S, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose stores across the UK and via

1 Kiwi berries nutritional analysis carried out by Campden BRI

2 Kiwi fruit nutritional information obtained from McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of foods (Sixth Edition). 3 Dale Pinnock, The Medicinal Chef

Posted: 23 Sep 2019