Blueberries are widely considered to be a super food and for good reason, no matter the season!

Blueberries are a healthy eater's best friend and with these beautiful berries available all year round, you can enjoy a burst of flavour and goodness whatever the weather.

There's magic in every bite 🔮

Contributing towards your five (or ten) a day, blueberries are flavour-full, fat-free and packed with vitamin C. They have also been studied for their potential high antioxidant role in the human body.

Packed with nutrients such as fibre, vitamin C and vitamin K, blueberries also contain anthocyanins, polyphenols and various phytochemicals which are being studied for their potential high antioxidant role in the human body.

More importantly, with a slightly tart yet mellow sweet flavour, they also taste fantastic!

Our blueberries are grown with goodness & handpicked year round 🌱

We source our locally grown blueberries from around our berry world to ensure the best in season blueberries are available in your local store. Depending on the season, your location and store availability, our blueberries are grown under blue skies and hand harvested as close to home as possible.

    What makes our blueberries this good 🥇

    Our blueberries exist because we have harnessed over 25 years of natural breeding and selection expertise, resulting in world-leading blueberry varieties with the sweetest flavour, best texture, longest shelf-life and extra health benefits.

    Healthy eaters' best friend 😋

    We've known for a long time about all the health benefits of blueberries and we suspected our varieties had a little extra goodness about them so we put them to the test.

    We took our exclusive blueberries to be independently nutritionally analysed against standard open varieties and here's what we learnt...

    Our exclusive blueberries have:

    • 9% less calories than a standard variety
    • 60% less fat than a standard variety
    • 3% less sugars than a standard variety
    • 43% more protein than a standard variety
    • 6% more vitamin C than a standard variety
    Blueberry burst strip

    Here are some blueberry recipes for you to enjoy any time of the year..

    Breakfast inspiration

    Blueberry breakfast bread

    Light and fruity, with some jam spooned generously on top, this breakfast bread is as close to heaven on a plate as you can get.

    Mixed Berry Breakfast Bread 2 Large

    Lunch inspiration

    Blueberry Brie Toastie

    Believe us the pairing of brie and blueberries is absolutely sublime.

    Blueberry and brie toastie interactive 1 Large

    Dinner inspiration

    Griddled halloumi with blueberry, spring onion & toasted almond couscous

    Perfect for a mid-week supper or a special occasion this easy and quick to make vegetarian dish is both tasty and healthy, the spiciness of the harissa complementing the sweet and juicy blueberries.

    Cook’s tip: Halloumi can be replaced with either salmon or lamb.

    Blueberry griddled harissa halloumi couscous interaction WEB

    Healthy snack inspiration

    Brain boost blueberry muffins

    A deliciously light muffin which is packed full of blueberries, flax and walnuts for a healthy boost to your morning muffin treat.

    Blueberry and walnut muffins interactive 1 Large
    Posted: 6 Sep 2021