Award-winning and exclusive Sweet Eve® variety will hit peak in the UK

BerryWorld’s award winning and exclusive Sweet Eve variety will hit its peak across the country, securing BerryWorld a quarter of the UK’s market share.

“Our growers are expected to pick peak volumes of British Sweet Eve strawberries over August. This is mainly thanks to the glorious weather we have seen in the UK over recent weeks. Supporting British growers and enjoying healthy treats over the summer holidays mean there is a double feelgood factor.” Explains Paul Avery, Sales and Insight Director.

Berries are a delicious staple and are consumed as part of a healthy diet, bringing strawberries into the home keeps the feeling of summer alive even if the weather doesn’t play ball. Supermarket shelves will be stacked with delicious strawberries over the coming weeks, ready for the whole family to enjoy during the summer holidays,

Crowned with a Superior Taste Award 2019*, Sweet Eve is a truly British born-and-bred strawberry variety. Hand selected by master breeder Peter Vinson of the Edward Vinson Strawberry Breeding Programme, they are sweet, juicy and plump, and undeniably the taste of a good British summer, packed with flavour and in season from May until the end of October.

Posted: 2 Aug 2019