Grow with us

Join our graduate scheme at BerryWorld to cultivate skills, experience and build sustainable solutions for the berry world together.


Here at BerryWorld we are positive, passionate and genuine. We love berries and are excited by what we do. We understand that long term sustainable growth can only come from a hunger to keep moving forwards.

We’ve developed a graduate scheme with our grower base to cultivate smart, diverse talent to build sustainable solutions to grow the berry world together.

Development is very much at the heart of our culture. As well as an extensive support network, as part of our graduate scheme, you will have exposure to many parts of our berry businesses. There will be opportunities to widen your knowledge and expertise, including a Master of Science in food security.

We will empower you to be the best version of yourself, with the aspiration that once you have completed your programme you will join us in our journey of growing the berry world together!

Graduate Field

Join OUR Graduate World

We offer a two-year graduate scheme focussing on how berries are grown, harvested, and sold.

Our graduate scheme is designed to develop the following experience and skills:

  • Propagation
  • Production
  • Harvest
  • Packing
  • Systems & control
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainability
  • Personnel management
  • Professional & Academic certifications

Meet the home grown graduates

Harriet Cole, BerryWorld

Harriet finished the graduate scheme in 2016. Harriet spent time working in the compliance team, packhouse quality control, a supermarket head office and as a supplier manager. Now Harriet works within the Ethical and Sustainability team helping growers maintain worker welfare and compliance, provide the best environments for their workers, and reduce their environmental footprints.

Josh Godman, BerryWorld

Josh finished the graduate scheme in 2017. During his two years he spent time in packhouse quality control, at a supermarket head office, as an import supplier manager, and worked as a growing assistant at a fruit farm. Now Josh works as the head of UK production for BerryWorld overseeing over 20,000T of production.

Abbey Willis, BerryWorld

Abbey finished the graduate scheme in 2017. Abbey worked in customer compliance, high care fruit processing, customer account management and plant propagation. After completing the scheme, Abbey joined BerryWorld Varieties to head up varietal development where she now manages the release of new cultivars as well as the planning of millions of propagated plants.

James Emery, Emery Soft Fruits

James started at BerryWorld in 2005 where he began as a quality technologist. After working at BerryWorld managing and coordinating import suppliers from across the Iberian Peninsula and Middle East, James returned to his family farm full time in 2018. Now James is the managing director of Emery Soft Fruits who farm over 2000T of strawberries and raspberries across Hampshire and West Sussex

Richard Leeds, Withers Farm

Richard started at BerryWorld in 2010. During his two years he gained experience in the field as well as the packhouses managing stocks and quality of imported fruit. After finishing the scheme, Richard stayed on until 2015 as a product manager after which he returned to his family farm as packhouse manager. Richard now runs the business with his father George and brother Nic.

Nic Leeds, Withers Farm

Nic started at BerryWorld in 2016, after doing placements in packhouse management, crop production, trial coordination and time at a supermarket head office; Nic returned to his family farm in Herefordshire. He now works alongside his brother Richard and father George as head grower, between them they oversee over 4000T of strawberry and blueberry production as well as their extensive apple orchards.

What we're looking for

If you're interested in applying to our graduate scheme then here's what we looking for in candidates:

📖 Appetite to learn

🤝 Develop relationships

🌍 Understand sustainability

🌱 Confidence to grow

🎓 Relevant degree

🚗 Driving licence

🏡 Flexibility to relocate

If you think you're a good pick then let us know why using the form below and attach your CV.