Don't skip this

We're working with our old friends Skip2bfit to take their innovative skipping workshops to over 80 schools across the UK to continue to raise awareness on the importance of an active lifestyle and healthy eating.

Skip2Bfit's core value is around making every second count and getting everyone, from kids at schools to workers behind desks, to get moving more and to try healthy berries. And we're supporting them every step (and skip) of the way.

Skip & Learn At School

The Skip2Bfit school programme has been developed by working with headteachers and staff and realising that by demonstrating to children that if they put the effort in, they will improve. Without even realising it at the time, Skip2Bfit have been teaching children that if they have a growth mindset they can improve at everything. This has now been recognised in schools and is now been introduced as part of the school's learning environment.

“The Skip2Bfit 2min challenge is not about beating anyone else, it’s all about challenging yourself” says John McCormack, founder of Skip2Bfit.

Never skip a beat at work

The Skip2Bfit corporate programme used as a motivational tool. By motivating people they often improve on their score. Staff can work in teams to find how who can get the top score, what team can improve the most etc. At Skip2Bfit we give a physical example of improvement, showing staff that with effort and determination you can improve at your skipping and that this is the case with everything you do in life.

Fancy getting Skip2BFit involved in your community then visit them below to find out more:

Skip2 Bfit