To keep our world turning, let's keep our water supply running

World Water Day is an annual event celebrated on March 22nd that works to raise awareness about the importance of water and advocate the need for sustainable management of our world's water resources.

Water is a fundamental resource for fresh produce, and we recognise the importance of sustainable water management across our supply chain.

Every drop matters 💧

Water management is crucial for our sustainability, from mitigating risks related to water as part of our sustainability strategy, to implementing and investing in water-saving technologies. Our goal is to reduce water consumption and minimise the risk of water scarcity across our world.

Our pre-emptive strategy focuses on:

  • Understanding and working with regulatory risks (like regulations and governance)
  • Developing approaches to physical risks (like drought, flooding, and water quality)

Our water plan to help growers adapt to climate change links mitigation and adaptation in the form of remedial action. It's a working practical approach, and not just a document in a cabinet, our philosophy is that we are sustainability ‘doers’ rather than ‘preachers’. Here are a few examples from across our berry world:

  • Rainwater harvesting to store water using onsite reservoirs
  • Implementing efficient irrigation systems that only water berries when necessary, using the minimum amount of water
  • Creating a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ certified distribution centre for environmentally-friendly design which included water use
  • Off season water storage to stabilise demand during peak production
  • Encouraging grower participation in regional water projects, such as the Holistic Water for Horticulture Project
  • Certifying growers in widely recognised due diligence authorities like Spring & Leaf

Water matters everyday

By joining the World Water Day initiative, we hope to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to sustainable farming practices, as well as our dedication in providing high-quality, sustainably grown berries for everyone across the world.

Posted: Mar 21, 2023