Here at BerryWorld, we are proud to remain true to our principles as we approach our 30th anniversary year. We continue our close collaboration with our strategic partners to drive year-round demand for our superior-tasting berries.

Being the leading berry supplier, we continue our close collaboration with our strategic partners to drive year-round demand for our superior-tasting berries.

As we approach our third decade as a leading berry expert, we are making significant strides with our exceptional varietal portfolio. Our genetics span across four continents, and our rapidly expanding global consumer brand keeps us focused on introducing new varieties and exploring new geographies to enhance our 52-week supply.

Looking at our global supply of blueberries as an example, the Southern Africa blueberry season, will be followed by Egypt, a new geography we incorporated into our portfolio last year to provide a better tasting product compared to what is generally available in the market from December to February. Egypt, will then be followed by Moroccan then Spanish and Portuguese production, maximizing our production window of exclusive blueberry varieties.

‘Now, more than ever, BerryWorld principles remain the same, priding ourselves on long-standing grower and customer relationships, proprietary breeding, leading market insight and marketing, and an exclusive varietal offer available all year round’ – says Adrian Olins, our Divisional CEO.

To date, eleven of our BerryWorld varieties have received awards from the International Taste Institute for their superior flavour.

The award-winning varietal offer boasts both BerryWorld Jewel®, BerryWorld Gem® and most recently BerryWorld Iris® as well-recognised, proprietary raspberries from the BerryWorld Plus programme, with BerryWorld Midnight® from the Beekers Berries Breeding programme enhancing the premium blackberry offer. 

Securing access to the Mountain Blue programme almost ten years ago has yielded strong results with well-established demand and awards for varieties such as BerryWorld Eureka® and BerryWorld® Eureka Sunrise™.

A selection of strawberries, including Sweet Eve® and Eves Delight®, from the Edward Vinson breeding programme have also been internationally awarded by the same body.

Being involved across every stage of the supply chain, we focus on breeding and commercialising varieties that perform well for growers, retailers, and consumers alike, ensuring that the global berry market can continue to thrive.

As we enter our fourth decade in the berry industry, we are excited to soon release a number of promising variety selections to the market, which will further drive consumer demand for superior-tasting berries.

Join us at Fruit Attraction 2023 in Madrid, Hall 9, Stand 9F04A to learn more about our latest innovations and offerings.

Posted: Sep 25, 2023