Growing the berry world, together

BerryWorld Group is delighted to unveil its consolidated corporate branding at this year’s Fruit Logistica.

In 2014, BerryWorld began a rebranding exercise in response to the business’ growth. As Wil Beekers, European CEO of BerryWorld Group explains, “our focus in 2014 was to unite the businesses under a shared name and multi-coloured BerryWorld identity. This saw the Eurafruit business become BerryWorld South Africa and our Dutch business, Vitalberry BV. become BerryWorld Europe.”

The circular, seven segmented identity that was created with the team at BrandOpus, London, represents a cyclical, constantly evolving business. At the heart of the logo, a bright light creates a vignette which represents the sunshine which nourishes the berries the Group breeds, and the fruit that it procures and sells, emphasising the visionary, forward-thinking nature of BerryWorld. The seven segments illustrate the Group’s global aspirations, representing the seven continents of the world.

It is the fulfilment of these global aspirations which has led to the decision to consolidate the berry businesses under one shared colour. Since the original development of the corporate architecture, the Group has established a presence in Australia, through its joint venture with Piñata Farms, it has formed PrepWorld Spain and has most recently set up an office in France, with plans for further developments in the near future

As we enter 2018, the Group’s expertise spans the entire length of the supply chain, from breeding through to consumer marketing. The business now has offices across the UK, in The Netherlands, Spain, France, Australia and South Africa. “Our growth plans have highlighted the need for a future-proofed identity that can grow as the BerryWorld Group does, hence the decision to move all of our berry businesses under this shared purple identity” comments Adam Olins, Group CEO. “Our shared culture across the Group will be developed throughout 2018 and our vision of growing the berry world, together, will be cemented by this united brand identity. The growth of our prepared fruit business, has given us the confidence to expand our operations into Spain, with our 2017 joint venture, PrepWorld Spain. With their ‘fresh-cut, fresh-thinking’ approach to the prepared industry, PrepWorld’s UK and Spanish operations will retain their original multi-coloured, vibrant identity which lends itself so well to the multi-category nature of its product range and focus on innovation.”

Posted: Feb 8, 2018