As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we're delighted to bring to life three decades of experience and expertise with four new berry varietal releases.

From our humble UK roots in 1994, we've blossomed into an international leader in the berry world, and it's all thanks to our passion for flavour and innovation.

From access to award-winning proprietary and exclusive genetics, state of the art growing and packing operations and three decades of category management expertise developing consumer markets, we're well placed for continued growth and innovation into 2024 and beyond.

2023 was a pivotal year for us, with Agroberries purchasing a minority shareholding in our Group. This year we're bringing four new varieties to market which have been applauded by retailers and growers alike.

BerryWorld Ruby®

Our latest raspberry selected from the BerryWorld Plus® programme for its picking speed and early, high-class I yield, will be available this year, further enhancing the premium raspberry offer, providing great flavour and uniform glossy berries.

BerryWorld Orb®

Our pioneer blueberry from BerryWorld Plus®, will also be released in trial volumes in 2024.

“BerryWorld Orb® is a welcome addition to our northern highbush varietal offer which has been some years in development. The fruit is flavourful, the berries have good crunch and great shelf life, and we eagerly anticipate moving into commercial volumes in 2025.”
Samuel Rowe, CEO of BerryWorld Varieties explains.


From the Beekers® breeding programme the Group boasts a new strawberry release, BeeHonest™ a promising Junebearer with firm texture and a natural sweetness. The programme, established over a decade ago, is a joint venture between experienced grower and BerryWorld Group’s European CEO Wil Beekers, and expert Dutch breeder Hans de Jongh.

“BeeHonest™ has performed well on taste and texture – we are excited to bring larger volumes to European consumers this summer” explains Wil Beekers.

Eves Joy™

The Group’s strawberry offer will also be extended this summer to include the latest exclusive variety from the Edward Vinson® breeding programme, Eves Joy™.

“This glossy, vibrant berry was selected for its consistent size and flavour throughout the extended domestic strawberry season and enhances our superior strawberry range” explains Adam Olins, CEO of BerryWorld Group.

“We have worked with the Edward Vinson team since inception and are delighted by the continued evolution of award-winning strawberry genetics and successful blueberry, raspberry and blackberry developments through our shared breeding programme BerryWorld Plus®.”

Further premium promise in the pipeline

“Our breeding partners further afield are also producing very promising new releases in blueberries. Mountain Blue’s Masena™, Eureka Gold™ and Eureka Dawn™ all offer a premium eating experience and will continue to underpin our ability to grow the top tier blueberry offer around the world” highlights Adam Olins.

“We are delighted to mark three decades of success this year and look forward to celebrating in Berlin.”

Experience our award-winning exclusive berry varieties, honed from 3 decades of breeding investment and grower partnerships at Fruit Logistica, Berlin - Hall 3.2, stand B-50

Posted: Jan 3, 2024