Our grower, Piñata Farms, is confident in the quality and integrity of our berry shipments thanks to the use of Australian-designed smart trackers.

The trackers measure the temperature and location of berries throughout the supply chain, giving us visibility of our shipments at any given time. This information is also shared with customers, so they can be assured that their berries are being handled and transported properly.

The trackers have two main benefits for our berry supply chain. First, they promote accountability throughout the supply chain. Drivers and other stakeholders are aware that their performance is being monitored, so they are more likely to take steps to ensure that our berries are handled properly.

Second, the trackers provide real-time location tracking. This means that we can see where our shipments are at any time, which is especially helpful when there are delays or other unexpected events.

Piñata Farms uses the Escavox system for BerryWorld berries and mangoes, as both are highly perishable products with specific, critical cool chain needs. The devices, which are about the size of a mobile phone, are placed in the container on loading and are retrieved by Escavox for reuse after the consignment's arrival.

The ability to see its supply chain in real time has allowed us to quickly identify and fix problems. This has led to improved quality and freshness of its fruit, as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Posted: 20/07/2023