Goodness Grown

Our berry plants are at the root of what we do, so it's only natural that we select the very best plants and farmers to grow our berries with us.

Our berries exist because we have harnessed over 25 years of natural breeding and selection expertise, resulting in world-leading berry varieties that can be grown across the world and enjoyed in millions of households.

Wherever and whenever you find our berries, available year-round, you can be sure that every effort is taken to hand pick best in season berries.


With a background in growing expertise, we pride ourselves on the long standing relationships we hold with our berry farmers and our focus on ensuring a sustainable berry production for generations to come.

Each plant is nurtured throughout its growing cycle by our super farmers and every berry is carefully hand-picked to capture that 🌱 farm-grown goodness 🌿

Meet some of our family of berry farmers below or get in touch if you're a super farmer looking to grow our super berries.

Piñata Farms

Managing Director Gavin drives an expanding business with more than 1,010 hectares under cultivation across Australia, producing four fruit lines. Gavin and his brother, Stephen, utilising their family’s growing expertise diversified into strawberry production in 2000. By 2015, Piñata Farms had become a leading player in Australia’s strawberry market.

Today, there are some 70 hectares of strawberries under cultivation. A portion of the crop is set aside for specialty BerryWorld varieties. Renowned for embracing innovative production methods and farming technologies, Piñata Farms became the country’s first large-scale grower to grow strawberries under polytunnels in 2015. Substrate strawberry production was established in 2016 in readiness for the first commercial harvest of BerryWorld Australia-branded fruit in 2017. Specialty BerryWorld raspberries followed in 2018.


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Piñata Farms