Our Story

Berries are sensational things. For us, they literally are our world.

We have an appetite to bring food lovers worldwide the very best berries; ones that not only taste great but are sustainable for our growers too. Great berries, for future generations; truly sustainalicious.​

Since 1994 we’ve worked with experts to breed and grow great berries. Collectively, they have developed, tried and tested over 2 million varieties to make sure our berries are always delicious. ​

And we don’t stop there. We want every BerryWorld berry to be bursting with goodness. That means bred, grown, picked with care, packed with flavour, for an experience that satisfies taste buds and consciences across the world.​

Welcome to our BerryWorld

Premium fresh berries are grown exclusively for BerryWorld Australia by strawberry, pineapple and mango grower Piñata Farms.

Growing delicious berries starts with choosing the right varieties. Our experienced growers personally taste hundreds of new BerryWorld varieties developed around the world before selecting the ones we know Aussies will love. Careful grower practices – adapted especially for Aussie conditions – ensure our berries are always luscious and sweet and look the way strawberries and raspberries should! And because we've been so clever in our varietal selection, berries are grown in two Queensland locations and one Tasmanian location, so you can buy them all year 'round.

Australia’s favourite strawberry producer, Piñata Farms of Queensland, is the exclusive producer of premium BerryWorld varieties in Australia.

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