The BerryWorld way in Zimbabwe

We're on a mission to shift our world towards fair food systems that respect people and our planet.

BerryWorld have been working with growers across South Africa for over 20 years and are now six years in to working with growers in Zimbabwe to help extend the growing season, which has opened opportunities to further our focus on fair working and living conditions at every stage of our supply.

The sites take pride in their workers and therefore ensure the ethical due diligence is at the highest standard. BerryWorld are proud of our Zimbabwe sites and want to share some of the great corporate social responsibility initiatives that are underway.

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Stronger together in ZIMBABWE

BerryWorld are honoured to announce the first ever Stronger Together training session in Zimbabwe on Detecting, Deterring and Dealing with Forced Labour in Agri-Businesses in March 2022.

All sites expressed gratitude for the workshop and Bosswell Chirume, our local compliance and ethical consultant, commented:

"Truly inspiring and I've learnt so much. It has adjusted the way I think about the recruitment methods. I've taken away key actionables to improve systems, update policies and training."

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Uplifting Life

Building better working conditions

Fundamentally we want to ensure proper working conditions at every stage of our supply, to enable a work space that treats workers fairly and equally.

We collaborate closely with our growers to ensure the relevant audits and due diligence takes place while actively pursuing opportunities for worker upliftment. There is an element of continual listening of the ‘workers voice’ via thorough worker committee meetings.

We're proud to see a huge number of ideas and projects come to fruition on these farms, you can see a collection of these in this video.

Community Commitment

Building a community beyond the farm

Beyond work life on the farms, we're looking to grow goodness in the local communities to ensue a sustainable future for the farms and their future.

Working with our growers and supporting foundations, we've found ways to support the communities and invest in key areas that support the local community.

We're excited to see such projects come to fruition on these communities, you can see a vision of these in this video.

Future focus

Setting our sights on a sustainalicious vision

We're proud to lead by example, more than mere sustainability preachers, or even teachers, but sustainability doers. We look forward to sharing more progress as the projects that are underway come to realisation.

We’re currently heavily invested in the development and deployment of menstruation health data collection surveys to understand possible barriers for females coming to work.

Other plans include the building of a school classroom block in the local communal area offering continuous support to Berryworld employee’s children with education.

The BerryWorld Zimbabwe growers are going above and beyond, ensuring they treat all their staff fairly and striving for improvement which has been reflected in worker feedback and sites productivity rates.

The commitment to a happy and healthy working environment promotes worker upliftment and community engagement. It can only get better for our Zimbabwe sites, so please watch this space for more exciting news and updates.

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