Our proprietary & exclusive berry varieties recognised at the International Taste Institute Awards 2022 for their superior taste

We are delighted to announce that four of our proprietary and exclusive varieties have been awarded Superior Taste Awards by the International Taste Institute, gaining global recognition for our full berry patch.

To add to previous awards, this year our award-winning berry varieties include:

  • BerryWorld® Jewel™ raspberries ⭐⭐
    from the BerryWorld Plus breeding programme
  • BerryWorld® Midnight™ blackberries ⭐⭐⭐
    from the Beekers Berries Breeding programme
  • Eves Delight strawberries ⭐⭐
    from the Edward Vinson Ltd programme
  • BerryWorld Eureka® blueberries ⭐⭐⭐
    from the Mountain Blue programme
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The only superior tasting berries

Over the years. the International Taste Institute has evaluated more than 20.000 food and drink products from around the world with their jury of prestigious Chefs & Sommeliers. Strict tasting methodology makes the Superior Taste Award, the most renowned independent certification worldwide.

Our varieties were the only berries of 2022 to be awarded and were evaluated on several factors, including appearance, aroma, texture, and taste. BerryWorld Eureka blueberries and BerryWorld Midnight blackberries received a score of over 90% from the jury and were granted with a Superior Taste Award with 3-stars whilst BerryWorld Jewel raspberries and Eves Delight strawberries received a Superior Taste Awards with 2-stars.

“These awards recognise our commitment to pursue our vision of growing the berry world together. Thank you to our partner breeders and growers for their efforts to continuously breed and grow better berry varieties”, said Adam Olins CEO at BerryWorld Group.

The 2022 International Taste Institute Awards add to a long list of international accolades and reinforce our leading position as a global supplier of superior tasting berry varieties, all year round.

Posted: 13 Jun 2022