A World of Good

We're on a sustainability mission to shift our world towards fair food systems that respect people and our planet.

The scope of sustainability has grown a lot over the years and alongside that, so has our focus.

Here at BerryWorld, working with nature, we are convinced that sustainability is a natural part of being a successful business and we continually strive to act in an ethical, transparent and responsible way.

Setting our sights on a world of goodness by reducing environmental impact through improved growing techniques, tailored packaging innovations, supply optimisation, monitoring trends, empowering our people and ensuring proper working conditions. That's our sustainalicious vision.

SUST World Custom

Our sustainalicious vision

SUST World
Packing our berries sustainably to ensure the best quality fruit & not costing the earth
Using data & analytics to understand, limit our environmental impact
Empowering our people to seek & make sustainable choices, because sustainability #startswithus
Using technology to drive efficiencies, improve processes & optimise our supply chain
Monitoring market insights, ready to react to the latest trends
Ensuring proper working and living conditions at every stage of our supply