Dark, decadent and bursting with flavor

The blackberry, traditional and nutritional, the underdog of the berry world

BerryWorld have travelled the world for over 25 years, we’ve tasted over two million berries to bring you the berry best. Working with blackberry experts, Beekers Berries, we now have access to exclusive blackberries that we put into our packs.

We’ve selected bold blackberries to suit even the most discerning tastebuds. Our blackberries are dark, decadent, bursting with flavor, some have been crowned with the 2019 Superior Taste Awards.

Scrumptiously sweet; super, sprinkled on a salad, or perfect straight from the pack.

Full of fibre and fat-free, the ultimate healthy treat!

MBWA blackberry


Pick your perfect punnet

When buying blackberries, look for plump, deep purple berries. The colour should be dark and consistent and there should not be too many red druplets on the berries. A little juice in the punnet is harmless and will make for sweet and ripe berries. Blackberries are ready ripened when you buy them.

Keep cool

Store blackberries in the fridge, between 2 and 4 °C, as soon as possible after purchase. Keep the punnet upright and handle carefully to avoid bruising.

Rinse & raise

Get the most out of your brilliant berries, by bringing them up to room temperature and washing before devouring. Enjoy your burst of berry goodness.

And don’t forget when it comes to blackberries, the more the berrier.

Nutrition Per 100g

  • 172 kJ in blackberries
  • 0.2g Fat in blackberries
  • 10g Carbohydrate in blackberries
  • 1g Protein in blackberries
  • 5g Fibre in blackberries
  • 7mg Vitamin C in blackberries