Our Growers

Whether our berries are home grown or sourced from overseas, you can be sure that every effort is taken to hand pick the best in season berries

At BerryWorld, we pride ourselves on the long-standing relationship we hold with our berry farmers and focus on developing their farms to maintain sustainable berry production for generations to come. Every BerryWorld berry is carefully hand-picked by highly trained pickers straight into the pack you buy to minimize any damage to the delicate fruit and ensure you get the best quality berry.

Jennen Strawberry Farm, Ontario

Fourth generation family farmers Peter and Ellen Jennen grow strawberries for BerryWorld in Thamesville, Ontario.

With 25 years of growing know-how, the Jennens’ now supply sustainalicious strawberries through to November. Peter and Ellen grow their strawberries beneath high tunnels that capture the heat during the spring, allowing for a longer growing season as well as providing protection from the rain, hail or frost.

From March to October, the Jennens have a dedicated team who help grow and harvest their berries, the rest of the year it's a family affair which has landed them a BMO Farm Family Award.

To add to the accolades, the Jennens have also been awarded the local Chamber of Commerce Environmental Award, which shows that berries have been grown ethically and sustainably with care for the environment.

Peter Jennen